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LOHO Bride

LOHO Bride

LOHO Bride in West Hollywood is a renowned bridal boutique that offers a unique and curated selection of wedding dresses for the modern, fashion-forward bride. With its chic and contemporary atmosphere, LOHO Bride aims to provide an alternative to traditional bridal salons by showcasing a carefully chosen collection of dresses that embody a sense of effortless style and individuality.

At LOHO Bride, brides-to-be can expect a personalized and intimate shopping experience. The boutique operates by appointment only, allowing each bride to receive undivided attention from their expert stylists. These knowledgeable professionals understand the latest trends and have a keen eye for identifying the perfect dress that suits the bride's personality and preferences.

What sets LOHO Bride apart is their commitment to supporting independent and emerging designers. The boutique features a curated selection of wedding gowns from both established and up-and-coming designers who share a passion for craftsmanship, quality, and innovation. By prioritizing unique and exclusive designs, LOHO Bride ensures that each bride will find a dress that truly reflects her individuality and showcases her personal style on her special day.

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1111 N Formosa Ave, West Hollywood, CA