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Peardon Carrillo Photography

Peardon Carrillo Photography

Peardon Carrillo Photography is a premier wedding photography studio renowned for their exquisite and timeless captures. With a passion for storytelling and a keen eye for detail, Peardon Carrillo Photography goes above and beyond to create stunning visual narratives that beautifully preserve the essence of a couple's special day. Led by the talented duo, Lisa Peardon and Alberto Carrillo, this dynamic team brings a unique blend of creativity and technical expertise to every wedding they photograph.

At Peardon Carrillo Photography, the focus is not just on capturing beautiful moments but also on establishing a genuine connection with their clients. They understand that each couple is unique, and they take the time to understand their vision, preferences, and personal style. This allows them to create a customized photography experience that perfectly aligns with the couple's desires, ensuring that every aspect of their story is beautifully documented.

With an artistic approach and a mastery of lighting and composition, Peardon Carrillo Photography consistently delivers breathtaking images that evoke genuine emotions. Their signature style blends photojournalism with a touch of fine art, resulting in a collection of images that are both candid and visually striking. From the quiet, intimate moments to the grand celebrations, Peardon Carrillo Photography captures it all with an unparalleled level of professionalism and artistry, producing photographs that will be cherished for generations to come.

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5726 Camellia Ave, North Hollywood, CA